Cours 6 : Production de parcelles


This course will provide you with important information about plot production. Once you complete this course, you will understand:

  • How to obtain CSGA accreditation for Plot Production.
  • The purpose of Select and Foundation plots and the higher multiplication risks associated with varietal impurities.
  • How many generations (multiplications) Select seed is eligible to produce Select seed, and the conditions for doing so.
  • How the grower can maintain the plot if part of it will not meet Probation, Select, or Foundation requirements.
  • The requirements for the type of parent seed that can be used to grow Probation, Select, or Foundation plots, and the requirements for previous land use and isolation and maximum impurity standards.
  • The rules and methods for staking plots.
  • The requirements for plot sample submissions to the Variety Verification Program of the CFIA.