Cours 8 : Traitement, analyse et vente des semences (licence de groupe)


This Course will provide you with important information about processing, testing and selling seed. Once you complete this course, you will understand:

  • The essential elements of the seed conditioning process
  • The link between seed crop certification of varietal purity and varietal identity by the CSGA, processing regulations and requirements for final seed certification, and the role of Seeds Canada
  • The different types of Registered Seed Establishments (RSEs) and their roles and the accreditations required for RSE operators and graders
  • Seed testing requirements for Canadian pedigreed seed, including germination and mechanical purity and explain why they are important to ensure the quality and purity of certified seed
  • The usual seed tests provided by seed laboratories
  • The various intellectual property protection tools used in the seed sector
  • Standards in the Seeds Regulations for seed sales and trade